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1. Can anyone learn to connect to the Spirit world?
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Yes, Spirit encourage us to learn how to use our life tools so that we can become balanced in Mind Body and Spirit and to use our 6th Sense, it is our Gift and our Guidance comes to us this way. We teach this in our Spiritual Development workshops.

2. Can Our Loved ones Passed and Spirit Guides see into our future?
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Yes they can see what choices and situations that lay ahead of us and will offer us Guidance and Direction.

3. Do you only operate as a Perth Clairvoyant?
Answer Box No, working as a Clairvoyant  Perth being our base, we also travel to different locations offering our services. If there is an area where you and your friends would like to book us for a day please feel free to ring us and we will do our best to accommodate you.
4. Do you only work as a Perth clairvoyant?
Answer Box No we work in many different areas and provide Spiritual development workshops and clairvoyant readings for groups or parties in private homes or other venues.
5. Do you use Tarot cards?
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No the information in a reading with Pam comes directly from Spirit and if cards are used they are Angel cards which are used to confirm visually for the client the information given.

6. Does contacting or speaking to my loved one hold them here or stop them from crossing over to the Spirit world?
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No, they will have already crossed over and be beside you, it brings them and us great joy when we connect, speak and think of them.

7. Does everyone have Spirit with them?
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Yes they do, we are also Spirits having a Spiritual experience in a physical body.

8. How often can I have a reading?
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We recommend a minimum of 6 months between readings to let the information given unfold unless there is something that you are really struggling with and in which case we can hold a subsequent session. It is important not to come to rely on a Clairvoyant for all of the answers as this doesn’t allow the Client to experience their growth through their own Guidance.

9. I want a reading but am afraid. Why is that?
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Firstly when you are in a session with Pam, there is nothing to be afraid of. Pam works completely I the light and in Love so there is no place for ‘Dark energy’. The fear generally comes from the unknown and is normal if this is something that you haven’t done before. Pam speaks with Spirit every day of her life and holds no fear at all as they come to us only in love.

10. In a Clairvoyant reading will I be told bad things?
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No in a Clairvoyant reading you will be given proof of the after life, messages from loved ones who have passed, direction and guidance.

11. Is a reading as accurate if it is done over the phone or on Skype?
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Yes, although Pam may not be able to see you, your loved ones and Spirit Guides can. Pam connects with them. Pam has worked in this way on a live radio.

12. What does Clairvoyant mean?
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A Clairvoyant is someone who can connect to the Spirit world and see Spirit.

13. What if I cry when I have a reading?
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Often people may have a few tears, not always and when they do it is natural and perfectly fine as your heart will have been touched by Spirits love for you, these will generally be tears of joy and comfort.

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