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Spirit Box- The Merkabah

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Pam channelled information through from Spirit regarding working alongside the Spirit Box,we  made some enquiries and soon realised that Spirit knew just how they wanted this to work out, Laurinda called arrange an appointment for something quite different and Spirit lead us from there  and we  have recently had the honour of creating full day  workshops and evenings alongside of the lovely  Laurinda  Jones of Ischys Meditation who presents the I AM Spirit box which was created by Andre Ferrella who Lee Carrol- Channeller of Kryon decribes as an evolutionary artist.  Read More...

Our trip to the Land of the long white cloud

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For many years I have seen a vision but not really felt the need to know more about it, just to see it and feel the sheer beauty. This vision began to appear more and more and the feeling for me intensified until one day I could Jason and myself on the bow of a ship looking out at the mountains with pure white clouds covering their tops, still unsure of where I was seeing I was shown a signpost that said New Zealand. It was as if I had agreed to visit this place in my heart and for the next two days this vision would appear over and over again. On the 3rd day after being shown the New Zealand signpost an email arrived in my inbox reminding me that we had purchased a voucher the previous year entitling us to a two for the price of one cruise and a list of available cruises......The top one being to New Zealand. By that evening we had our trip booked and were very excited. Read More...

Workshops and Seminars.........and Why?

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Jason and I have been assisting people on their journey of self discovery and with the understanding that we have been given either Spiritually or have gained through our own life experiences for quite some time now, it’s always a feeling of immense pleasure to have helped someone on their path so that they too can walk their path in peace and with more clarity. We have been experiencing change ourselves in the way that we are sharing the information with others, previously it has been through a great deal of working on an individual level with people but of late we are finding that we are working a lot more in some small and some much larger groups of people. As the change in consciousness affects all of us, so there are many more people finding themselves thinking that there is more to life than simply going to work and surviving or that there feels as though there is something else that they are meant to be doing or feeling.  Read More...

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