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Clairvoyant Reading

A Clairvoyant reading involves Pam opening herself to become a channel to connect with Guides and loved ones lost to the spirit world. As Pam connects to the spirit world she is able to bring through messages of absolute Love and Guidance for those in a session regardless of whether this is in person, by phone, email or Skype The information brought through will be solely for the individual having the reading to help them gain clarity and confidence as they walk their path. The personal proof of the after life and the assurance given that our loved ones who have left this world still remain beside us living on in our hearts brings a feeling of peace and balance, many people as they leave after having a session with Pam say that they feel very light, as if they could float home.

Pam offers Half an hour or 1 hour sessions and sessions are by appointment only Pam offers face to face readings, phone readings, email or Skype readings.

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