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Monday 20th July 2015 | 7pm-9pm It's Heaven On Earth. 821 Southwest Highway BYFORD Cost $30 | 30

Laurinda Jones from Ischys Meditation and renowned medium, Pam Goodwin, have come together to bring to you a time for connection, love and healing.

Experience the beautiful Quan Yin Spirit Box: a unique audio visual meditation, designed to provide healing at a multidimensional level and a wonderful opportunity to access the spiritual side of nature and see 'things' as they truly are.

The Quan Yin Spirit Box consists of 3 parts:

1. THE EMANATION: A three dimensional life sized translucent Spirit Box

2. I AM: The video portion that is projected onto the Spirit Box

3. DIVINE LOVE: The gentle spiral sound of the Buddhist / Balinese Priest's bell with its embedded master number, 44. This ancient, time honoured tool has been used over thousands of years to enhance deep states of meditation and spiritual connection to Source.

The combination of these three elements comprise the name, I AM THE EMANATION, which encompasses the experience of beautiful esoteric and mesmerizing sounds and colours of light that emanate from the sacred being within, enhancing our spiritual connection to our Higher Self, our Creator and Universal Oneness.

Pam will share messages of love from the spirit realm, channeling words of love, assistance and comfort specifically for those attending.

If you are ready to connect with your I AM, to awaken to who you truly are, to integrate your soul essence with your physical self, to experience the flow of vibration, healing and rejuvenation in every cell of your body, then this event is for you..

This is what others had to say:

“It took me through past lives and showed me where my trust issues came from”

“It was all intense. All very, very deep. It was very different from any other meditation I had ever done.”

“As I was watching, I could see all that within myself. I saw so many things … I saw the God, the Love and the Light, the Womb, the Nurturing of Child.”

“For the past two weeks I had a sensation in my neck – like a shirt that is too tight, like a rubbing on the side. My arm was numb. I could not feel it. After the meditation, the feeling in my arm came back but that sensation in my neck is still gone.”

“It was really weird for me. I had never seen anything like that before. I was not sure what I was supposed to be experiencing to start with. Then I saw the light, not just on the Spirit Box, but expanded. Then I felt it (the light) running up and down my spine. It was like energy going up and down, really fast, just pulsating. That was quite strange but then I kept seeing all the faces as well. I saw old men with white beards. There was a young man that nearly took the whole screen up. With dark hair, nearly twenty seven? He was there for ages, looking at me. I thought: “I wonder who you are”. The whole time I was aware of the energy pulsating through me.”

“I was really, really way out. I have never meditated with my eyes open before, but I went really deep, thinking, “I am there”. Those hands kept moving. I saw a big face towards the bottom. Some bloke with a big black beard. But then my dad came out. He died a few years ago. I was asking him questions and he was telling me a few things. I was looking at those hands and it was as if my dad was speaking through those hands. I also saw my dog. She died last year. She was seventeen years old. I don’t know if I am imagining this but she said: Thank you. I survived the last two years because of your love.”

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