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Sunday 28th June 2015 | 10AM - 4PM | 15


The Reconnections workshop is a compilation of channeled messages and information that many of us who are indeed old souls are ready to hear. The purpose is to help us to understand and allow the wisdom and gifts earned over the many many lifetimes to come forward, reconnecting us with our whole-selves in the NOW. Reconnection with your wisdom, your gifts serves to enable you,it gives you a clearer picture of what is or is not on your true path and allows you to choose accordingly.

Throughout the day we will share in meditations and exercises which will give us the opportunity to open doors into our past lives and in doing so understand and accept ourselves in the present. From a position of understanding and acceptance once we allow ourselves a clearer view of patterns and cycles within our lives, with the clearer view come the allowance needed from within to remove the blocks or filters that stand between us now and all of the learning and wisdom accumulated on our souls journey.

If you would like to join us in this day of sharing and learning please secure your space with your payment by following the link. Spaces are limited to this workshop.

DATE Sunday 28th June 2015
TIME 10am til 4pm
VENUE It's Heaven On Earth 821 Southwest Highway Byford

COST $100
Please bring along your own lunch afternoon tea is provided.

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