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We welcome you to come and enjoy a Reiki Healing session to help to bring you into balance emotionally, mentally and physically .Reiki pronounced 'Ray-key' is a form of energy healing. Everyone can benefit from a Reiki Healing and it is a very safe for any age or condition it is a gentle form of energy healing that is always directed exactly where it is needed for the highest good of the recipient.
During a Reiki Healing we ask you to lie down on a massage/healing table fully clothed and covered, in a comfortable surround with gentle music and soft lighting to ensure your comfort and relaxation.
Our hands are placed over your body, allowing ourselves to become a channel for the beautiful Reiki Healing energy to flow into your energy field, leaving you feeling at peace and in a state of wellbeing.
A Healing session takes approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour.
Jason and I are both qualified Reiki Master/Teachers and Practitioners and are both available for Reiki Healing Treatments.


Have you been wanting to learn about becoming a healer to heal yourself or others? Or are you wanting to find peace, balance and calm for yourself? Want a better understanding of Reiki Healing?
When you are attuned to Reiki this opens the door to healing first and foremost for you the healer and then also for others. When you learn to bring Reiki energy into your everyday life, it is able to balance you and assist you with the removal of past conditioning and negative thinking allowing you to live life more peacefully and more fully with love and acceptance of ourselves There are three levels of Reiki using the Usui method :
Why not get together with your friends and book a private workshop where we come to you?


This introduction level gives you an understanding of what Reiki is and how this method of healing came about. This is a 1 day workshop taught in a small group for a more personal experience in a loving and supportive enviroment. This stage is important to assist you not only in your own healing but to further allow you to be a clear and open channel of this beautiful healing energy, you will learn the hand positions for self healing along with the hand positions and the practice of the healing of others.
Each student is given a booklet to take home and a certificate of achievement.
Lunch and refreshments are all provided for the day Cost for the day is $250


The completion of Reiki 1 is a pre requisite for this course This workshop is completed over two days and at the completion of it you are able to work as a Reiki Practitioner.

During the two days we cover the understanding and application of Reiki healing and how it relates to past and present experiences enabling the recipient to walk more freely on their path. In Reiki II the student is given a working knowledge of the Reiki symbols. Distant or Global healing is taught enabling the sending of healing to those who you are not able to be with, healing can be sent to your loved ones or friends or indeed anyone that you wish to assist on the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual levels, or to our beautiful Mother Earth for everyone of us to benefit from.

You are asked to bring a photograph of someone to whom you wish to direct this healing during the workshop. Each student is given a booklet to take home and a certificate of achievement. Lunch and refreshments are provided on both days Cost for this workshop is $300


Is also available

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